Black Stone Cherry – Black to Blues Volume 2

There are some artists that I just absolutely adore. I tend to gush over them here because no one in my personal life cares as much as I do.

Black Stone Cherry is one of those bands I love unconditionally and I have written about my fondness for them many times on this blog.

There is a definite blues influence that bleeds through Black Stone Cherry’s music and this EP is the second record from them that is dedicated solely to covers of 60s era blues music.

Black to Blues Volume 2 is, just like its predecessor, not an album of soundalikes. This album is not full of exact recreations of old songs; instead, this record takes old blues music and runs it through a filter fueled by Kentucky bourbon and Southern soul.

Southern rock already has a substantial undertone of the blues and Black to Blues Volume 2 exploits that to the max. Black Stone Cherry’s brand of Southern rock is heavier than most with crunchy, low-end guitars coupled with a thick twang in the vocals.

This heaviness gives the blues a little bit of a dark feel that allows the guitar solos to shine bright.

My favorite track (probably because of my love for thick girls): Big Legged Woman

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