The Bixby Knolls – Near & Undear

There is something so satisfyingly wonderful about hearing something completely brand new to you and immediately loving it.

Spotify added a song from this band to one of my daily mixes and, without hesitation, I set off into finding them on vinyl. I am apparently one of the very few people who have ever wanted to buy a record from this band because I found a sealed copy on Discogs for $3.

Near & Undear is fuzz-filtered Britpop. This record has all of the feel goodness of 90s British alternative music with catchy lyrics and head-bobbing beats and then it takes those sounds and runs them through a garage rock filter.

It is like a fuzzy Oasis.

Parts of this record are very similar to the later albums from The Black Keys (Turn Blue and Let’s Rock) where it has a garage rock core inside a much bigger feel.

This album does not break down any boundaries and it does not set any trends, but it is a solid record.

Thank you for the recommendation, Spotify. This album is $7 well spent.

My favorite track: Runnin’ & Runnin’

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