Call Of The Void – Buried In Light

When you walk into a store do you head straight for the clearance rack? Or do you skip it and pay full price? I always find myself searching the clearance section to see what kind of deals I can find; I love the treasure hunt. And don’t even get me started on how much I love Ross and Marshalls.

There was a Reddit post a while back about Call Of The Void, a band I was unfamiliar with, calling it quits and discounting all of their merch and the idea of clearance vinyl made me incredibly happy.

Buried In Light is heavy, sludgy, and slightly muffled metal. This is an album of angst and rage. There are lots of low-end guitars and high-speed double bass drums on this record that provide a pounding and driving beat.

The musicianship on Buried In Light is solid and worthy of headbanging. The sound and the changes in time signatures show clear inspiration from Mastodon, Gojira, and the like. However, the lead guitar sounds are not up to par with those other bands. The lead guitars are good, but not great.

Buried In Light suffers vocally. The vocals waver between screams, singing, and growling. But, does not seem to be able to decide on which vocal sound to stick to. There are points on this record where it sounds more like chants from a high school football team rather than professional musicians singing.

The changes in vocal sounds seemingly have no rhyme or reason and make it to where this album has no real flow.

Buried In Light is the Ross or Marshalls version of metal music. You know it is not up to snuff with the real retail stuff, but it will be fine to wear one or two times.

My favorite track: Suck Me Dry

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