The Go – Whatcha Doin’

I love the rabbit hole that is the musical world. I will never know every band or every sound or every reference. And I am perfectly ok with that.

I will forever have the opportunity to learn about new or new-to-me bands and albums.

I knew that Jack White was at one time a member of The Go because of a previous Third Man Records Vault package. However, that live recording is the only music I had heard from them until getting this record.

This record is very much fuzzy and distorted garage rock. Whatcha Doin’ is gritty as all get out, but it is has some flairs that make it unique.

There is definitely some influence from McCartney and Eric Burdon of The Animals in the vocals on this record. They are incredibly clean and enunciated. Whatcha Doin’ begs you to sing along.

There is an air of 1960s psychedelia that floats throughout this album. It never feels like a full-on psychedelic record, but that sound is somewhere in the background at all times.

And don’t forget about the fact that it is Jack White playing guitar on this album. Whatcha Doin’ has some points where he really shows off his skills and absolutely jams.

This record is fun; it has a pretty timeless sound with songs to sing along to.

My favorite track: Suzy Don’t Leave

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