Volbeat – Rewind • Replay • Rebound

I like to think of myself as a strong-willed individual who does not fall for gimmicks. However, if the gimmick is signed-vinyl-at-the-merch-tent, I’m a sucker. And I will buy it every single time.

I am not complaining; I am just owning it and recognizing my weakness.

I was happy to pick up the last signed copy of this record at the merch table during Slipknot’s Knotfest Roadshow stop in Atlanta last week.

Simply put, Rewind•Replay•Rebound is good time rock n roll. It is full of high energy riffs, sing-a-long lyrics, and a seemingly light-hearted attitude. But, this record is hard to pin down in a specific category of rock because it blends so many sounds together.

There are plenty of punk rock sensibilities on Rewind•Replay•Rebound reminiscent of The Ramones without completely living in that space. Sometimes I get a Dropkick Murphys feel, too.

A big portion of this album sounds like it should have been recorded at Sun Records in Memphis; the countrified rockabilly backbone in Volbeat’s brand of rock n roll is strong. There are hints to the badass soul of Johnny Cash living somewhere in the atmosphere.

Rewind•Replay•Rebound has flashes of Queen-style stadium rock anthems. There are tracks on this record that would be perfect for huge crowds to shout until their lungs give out.

Finally, parts of this record absolutely rock my socks. It is proportionally heavy meaning that it is heavy without being too heavy.

My favorite track: Pelvis On Fire

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