Slipknot – We Are Not Your Kind

Do you have a shortlist of bands and artists that you love, follow, and generally geek out about?

I think we all do.

Slipknot is on that list for me. I’m fascinated by the members, their story, and their aesthetic.

I am a fanboy. I love this band. I’ve met members, I own very expensive vinyl, and I traveled to the Iowa State Fair just to see their show (and to eat way too much fair food).

We Are Not Your Kind is nice and heavy. There is a power and forcefulness on this record with a nice and consistent ebb and flow throughout. This record mainly settles in the realm of industrial metal, but it has a range of metal and hard rock sounds that branch out from that industrial center. The riffs are driving and those combined with sampling, scratching, and their signature machine-gun style drumming give the music a deep texture.


The vocals on We Are Not Your Kind swing from melodic to screaming to growling and back. This record is fierce.

There is a continuity on this album that makes it feel like a fancy art project. That feeling sometimes comes off as a little much and occasionally induces an eye-roll, but it never strays too far away from the music to make it unbearable.

Slipknot has been doing what they do for a very long time and this record does not disappoint at all.

My favorite track: Nero Forte


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