Zoo – Čas Sluhů

Please buy records that you know absolutely nothing about. I beg you to blindly buy albums with zero research into the record or band so that you may experience them with completely virgin ears. It will change your life.

I was in a record store in Prague, flipping through the Czech music section, when my girlfriend pulled this album and said: ”this looks a little goth, you should get it.”

The basis of Čas Sluhů is Duran Duran-style new wave. However, this record does not live solely in that genre; there are many layers on this album.

Part of Čas Sluhů has an ominous and mystical feel with an evil-sounding choir, panpipes, and oboe. While other portions of Čas Sluhů have a strong Celtic sound and would make a great Czechoslovakian companion to a Highlander rip off.

I half expect to find fans of this record at the renaissance festival.

There is a definite doom-y air to this record that is deliciously dark and slightly villainous.

This record is far better than I thought it would be and I can actually see myself pulling it out every once in a while.

Of course, I have absolutely no idea what Zoo is singing about at all.

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