Tigeryouth – Schmuck

Are you someone who buys records simply for the album artwork?

I know that lots of people buy records so that they can frame them and hang them on the wall. That is not really my thing, but if it was, I would totally frame this record. I honestly bought it because it looks like a Christmas card.

I found Schmuck at a store called Coretex Records in Berlin that was full of all kinds of metal and hardcore albums. They had super heavy records I have only seen for sale online. So, I was surprised by the sound of this record.

Schmuck is stripped down acoustic pop-punk music. It is completely in German and the angst is palpable. I do not understand the lyrics, but I know they have lots of feeling and are probably super deep when you are 15 and going through some shit at school.

This is the perfect record for German fans of Dashboard Confessional or early Butch Walker.

It is the music you would find in the German dub of a late 90s teen rom-com. Schmuck would make the perfect soundtrack to American Pie: Fahrvergnugen.

None of these things are necessarily bad. This album demonstrates the power of music and how, even though I cannot understand the lyrics, the feeling of the music is absolutely understood.

This is music for hormonal German teens and I kind of dig it.

My favorite track: Welche Zukunft?

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