The Blackwater Fever – Delusions

My record collection is pretty big, but I want more. I want them all. I need them all.

I have told people close to me that, if they feel compelled to buy me a gift, the only gift I really want from here on out is more records. Specifically, buy me a record that you like; don’t concern yourself with whether or not the album is on my want list or if it is my ”type” of music because, no matter what, I will think of you when I listen to it.

Well, out of the blue, my girlfriend bought me this record because she found the band on Spotify and enjoyed their sound. She’s a keeper.

This record immediately gives off some definite 90s vibes. There is a clear influence from Sonic Youth, Pavement, or Dinosaur Jr. It has a lot of muddy low-end sound that is very much grunge inspired and vocally there are some similarities to Stone Temple Pilots and Alice in Chains.

However, Delusions does not live solely in that space.

This album is like a bunch of different kinds of omelets where the 90s sound is the eggs and the other little flares are the combinations of meats and veggies that make each omelet unique.

A couple of songs on Delusions give off a Texas country rock feel that could easily be a ZZ Top cover song, others have a Creed-like flare from before Scott Stapp was a caricature, and there is a vein of Southern style blues running through other songs.

And then there is some doo-wop; that one is my favorite.

My favorite track: Chains

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