Black Pumas

Do you host parties at your house? Do you play DJ at those parties?


I have never really been the one to host the parties and get-togethers, but I would love to change that. I like to imagine large amounts of people mingling and drinking and laughing as I move from small group to small group making quick jokes and being complimented on the food and my amazing choice of music. None of this is likely to happen, but it is fun to daydream.


This record is high on the list of albums to spin at one of those theoretical affairs.

Black Pumas is timeless.  This album could easily be from Chess Records in the 50s, Motown in the 60s, Stax Records in the 70s, or a million others.


Black Pumas is so damn full of soul. The emotion spills out of the speakers and floods your listening room with funky bluesy vibes. This record is honest and raw grooviness and I’m not sure if I should be listening in a dank and dark blues club on the south side of Chicago or while rubbing elbows at a swanky swingers party in the suburbs.



The vocals are easy, pure, and very much Al Green-esque. Black Pumas will have you worshiping at the altar of love and heartbreak with a smile on your face, a nod of your head, and a little extra sashay in your step.

My favorite track: Fire

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