Ida Mae – Chasing Lights

When you go to a concert do you get there in time to see the opening act? You should.

Never miss the opening act.

I saw Ida Mae open for Greta Van Fleet and made a beeline for the merch booth as soon as their set was over. I absolutely had to own their album.

I am afraid that seeing this band play live before I purchased the record may have tainted my opinion of the album, but I’m going to try and objectively tell you what it sounds like.

Parts of Chasing Lights is simplistic singer-songwriter folk music. It is heartfelt, heartbreaking, touching, and tragic. This album oozes emotion from the breathy dual vocals that somehow sound relaxed and strained at the same time. There are times on Chasing Lights where I feel a little bit of energy reminiscent of Jonny Lang.

Other parts of this album feature folky Americana coupled with an obvious adoration of the 1940s-style black man’s blues. The singer-songwriter-ness is run through a filter of blues music from the American South and it produces a very unique sound. This is the sound of a coffee house’s open mic night but that coffee house is in the Mississippi Delta and the only instrument allowed is a resonator guitar.

Chasing Lights is really great, but this record is not the sound that made me want to run to the merch table and buy it. Ida Mae’s live sound was gritty and raw and incredibly energetic; it is similar to Jack White when he plays old blues songs.

This album is polished; it is too polished. That rawness that I saw on stage is gone.

Buy this record and add it to your collection of Americana albums that none of your friends have heard of. Then, go see them live and be blown away.

My favorite track: Higher Than the Light

My favorite track is not online, so here’s another

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