Jay & The Americans – Jay and the Americans Greatest Hits

When you get stupid with your friends what do you usually do? What’s your tradition?

When me and my best friend get together and get stupid we usually find ourselves eating candy, ordering too much pizza, and listening to music on his phone…because we are essentially children. It never fails that he plays Jay & The Americans’ Come A Little Bit Closer at least four times and sings along terribly.

So, when I stumbled across this record while on a short vacation (shout out to Vinyl Destination in Fort Lauderdale) I had to have it.

This majority of this record is the stereotypical 60s pop rock sound. There is a little doo-wop and a little Motown mixed with what is almost Broadway-style vocals. The songs are either stories or one-sided conversations with singable lyrics begging to be performed on stage. Jay’s voice sounds very similar to Roy Orbison but without Roy’s huge range.

Portions of this record have an International flair. Jay and the Americans Greatest Hits has bits of Spanish music and bits of island music sprinkled throughout.

This is a greatest hits compilation, but it was released three years before one of their biggest songs: This Magic Moment.

This album is a snapshot of a successful yet forgettable band from the 1960s. There was a time when this band was a big deal and had legitimate hits, but now they are just one of the many, many bands from that era that is featured on CD collections being sold on late night TV and playing the free Friday night concerts on the square in your hometown.

My favorite track: Come A Little Bit Closer

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