The Stripminers – Movies

Do you ever find yourself getting lost on Wikipedia? You click and click and click and you end up learning the most obscure facts. For instance, you may find out, like I did, that one of the notable alumni from your high school worked in porn before being cast in Predator with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Seriously.

Music can be the same type of neverending rabbit hole. I found myself lost on Discogs, adding stuff to my want list, and clicking through different links when I stumbled from The Donnas to The Stripminers. I had no idea that Brett Anderson, lead singer of The Donnas, had other projects. I love her voice, so I ordered it immediately.

Most of Movies is high energy pop-punk. It is light-hearted with singable lyrics. The vocals have a slight distortion that provides a fun little fuzz while the layering of both the male and female voices give it a big sound.

This record occasionally slows down into a 90s alternative style à la Veruca Salt or Letters to Cleo.

Portions of this album lean into the psychobilly side of punk rock and it even has hints of Americana Country with its use of banjos.

This is the type of album that can easily become one of your favorite obscure records that absolutely no one in your friend group will care about.

Movies reminds me of a Butch Walker record without the deep lyrics and heartbreak that is usually associated with his work. This album is definitely a fun listen.

My favorite track: Unnatural Lovers

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