Shaman’s Harvest – Red Hands Black Deeds

I went back and read an old review of a Shaman’s Harvest album and I completely sound like an asshole.

I call them a minor league band because, even though I wish I was wrong, they’re not going to be superstars.  Shaman’s Harvest is not the second coming of the Beatles or Aerosmith or U2 or any other major band you can think of; they are a just a solid working band.

I mean, shit, that is kind of mean. However, I stand by my sentiments. This is a hard working American band putting out solid music and they will probably never become household names. And that’s ok.

This record is purebred American rock n roll. It is mostly peppy and upbeat; when this album slows down it feels appropriate and not out of place at all. Red Hands Black Deeds is an accessible hard rock record. It has some nice guitars and driving beats, with a little bit of double bass drum action, but it is not too scream-y or fast to turn off casual rock fans.

Red Hands Black Deeds is fun and forgettable rock n roll. It is the type of album that you can put on during a cook-out for background music that won’t distract from the conversation you are having with your buddies. It is like Buckcherry or Nickelback or Theory of a Deadman, but without the hits.

There are times when the band’s Southern roots show up and create a country music feel. The vocal work by Nathan Hunt has somewhat of a twang and he gets down into a baritone register that reminds me a lot of Shawn Mullins’ voice. It makes for an interesting sound.

I know that it seems like I don’t like this album, but that is not the case at all. Red Hands Black Deeds is a solid pick up at your local record store.

My favorite track: Off The Tracks

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