Savannah Conley – Twenty-Twenty

I asked my Big Mama one day how old she feels and she told me that, even though she knows that she is much older, her brain stopped at about thirty years old and she has been the same person inside ever since.  I think that I stopped somewhere around twenty-four or maybe twenty-six; I rarely feel as if I have been on this planet for thirty-eight years.  But, there are occasions when I hear records that sound like my high-school years and it can make me feel like an old man.


Twenty-Twenty makes me feel old because it sounds so much like the music that was huge when I was younger and that makes me realize just how many years ago that actually was.


This little EP has an underlying 90s-ness to it that is simply fantastic.  It reminds me very much of Mazzy Star in its ability to encapsulate a gloomy loneliness.  There is an air about this record where it seems as if these are country songs that have been run through a mid-90s filter of angst and dejection.


Twenty-Twenty is gut-wrenchingly sad.  Savannah Conley is a heartbroken singer-songwriter with an innocence in her voice that draws you in and then buries you in soul-crushing sorrow.  Remember when Artax died in the Swamp of Sadness?  Twenty-Twenty is one of the albums Atreyu would have put on his turntable that night.  I adore sad songs, so I adore this record.







Who hurt you, Savannah?  Who hurt you and your beautiful soul?



My favorite track: All I Wanted



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