Brent Cobb – Providence Canyon

Are there parts of your music collection that your mind designates as soundtrack selections for certain times and situations? My brain does that to me a lot.

My brain says that Brent Cobb sounds like an easy Sunday morning; there is no stress and no drama. Brent Cobb is a country folk singer with a twist and honestly does make for a great Sunday spin.

Providence Canyon, like Brent Cobb’s first record, has a John Denver-ness to it that is real and pure. There is a serenity in his folk-y country sound that puts you at ease and there is a laziness in the way he sings that pours the music like molasses directly into your ears. This record is not full of overly complicated music and does not try to take itself too seriously.

Part of Providence Canyon is swampy bluesy rock and is reminiscent of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s version of country music. It is muddy and filthy and thick sounding. The soul of southern rock is alive and well on a few selections from this album while perfectly blending in with the laid back country folk.

This album envelops your soul with all of the comforts of a rocking chair and a glass of sun tea on the front porch.

My favorite track: Sucker For A Good Time

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