Ghost – Prequelle In Belgium

Full disclosure: I freaking love Ghost. They are one of my all-time favorite acts. I have seen them live in three different states and also in London. I will see them open for Metallica in Berlin in July. I love this damn evil band.

I saw this record randomly on an Instagram advertisement and knew that I must have it in my life. It is beautiful. And the Prequelle tour was mind-blowing. Buying this was a no-brainer for me.

The cover and gatefold artwork of Prequelle in Belgium is stunning. It features beautiful photos of the band that are super high quality and absolutely gorgeous. If you are a fan of Ghost and you are looking for wall art, this album would be great to frame.

Also, the blue vinyl variant that I got is very nice.

Those are the positive things about this record.

How does it sound? Ugh. Awful.

The band is on point with high energy and a tight set list. A Ghost live show is part religious ritual, part live theatre performance, and all rock n roll. The problem with Prequelle in Belgium is not with the band. Instead, it is with the recording.

I know this is a bootleg but damn this recording sucks. A lot of bootlegs are made from the board feed and sound professional. Others are made from high-quality tape recordings from the crowd and a lot of those sound good, too.

This is not one of those kinds of bootlegs. This album sounds as if it was recorded with the voice recorder app on an iPhone and then pressed into vinyl by drunken beavers. The sound on this record is abhorrent.

The volume is really low on Prequelle in Belgium and it also ducks in and out. I am not an expert, but I think the recorder was peaking and trying to compensate for the overmodulation. And, if you listen closely, you can hear a conversation happening near the recorder.

Don’t buy this unless you must absolutely own the artwork.

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