The Raconteurs – Now That You’re Gone / Sunday Driver

Do you get excited about owning hard to find records?  Part of me doesn’t care about them being rare because I am not one to seal them up, never listen to them, and hopefully sell them for a profit.  I want to spin my records.  But, it is cool to have vinyl that other people don’t have.


This little 45rpm is one of those records that makes me excited to own it.


Now That You’re Gone / Sunday Driver is a double A-side 45rpm that was a part of the Third Man Records Vault Package #38 and that fact alone makes it rare.  Plus, as of the time of this posting, it is the only way to own these songs on vinyl.


Now That You’re Gone is slow and methodical.  Lyrically, it is a sad drinking song and it personally hits me really hard.  Coupling the sad lyrics is a wailing electric guitar.  This guitar does not gently weep in the background, instead, it stands out from the rest of the music as if it is crying out in agony.


Now That You’re Gone is epic doo-wop.  It is a continuation of a classic Detroit sound with a healthy dose of polished grit mixed in.


Sunday Driver is a guitar driven Jack White jam.  The grungey low ends are combined with distorted screaming leads.  Sunday Driver is more of that polished grit and sounds like garage rock by seasoned professionals.



Finding this record will be tough.  But, I recommend looking for it.



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