Tennessee Jet – Waymore’s Blues

I donate plasma and use the money to buy records. I then write short reviews about those records. Sometimes I know the artists and the music, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I become a big fan of the artists I stumble upon. Tennessee Jet is one of those artists I fell in love with.

This little 45rpm is badass because it showcases the two sides of Tennessee Jet while also featuring two artists you need to be familiar with, Cody Jinks and Margo Price.

One side of Tennessee Jet is as country as my Big Mama’s hometown of Boaz, Alabama. His voice conveys pain, sadness, and trepidation with the best of them. He has a simplicity in his vocal style that allows the emotion to freely flow through the speakers and stab you directly in the heart while his guitar gently weeps for your soul. The B-side of this record, What Kind Of Man, is exactly this side of Tennessee Jet.

The other side of Tennessee Jet is a gritty and raw rock star in his garage playing loud and disturbing the neighbors. This version of Waylon Jennings’ Waymore’s Blues is heavy with vocal distortion, a tuned down guitar, and a driving beat. Tennessee Jet’s twang cuts through and gives the heaviness a country sound. This is country garage rock.

It is very White Stripes-esque.

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