Jack White – Live at Third Man Records – Nashville & Cass Corridor

Are you a member of any of the vinyl clubs? I’ve heard good things about Vinyl Me, Please and VNYL, but I worry that I wouldn’t like enough of the music selections. It’s funny, I trust myself to blindly select a record based solely on the look of the album art, but I do not trust professionals to select music for me. Weird. And beside the point.

I have enjoyed being a member of the Third Man Record’s Vault because, as I have noted in the past, I love just about every single thing that Jack White touches.

Live at Third Man Records – Nashville & Cass Corridor is basically Jack White ripping through his new stuff before tearing into slightly reworked versions of his older stuff. There is a discernable intensity and comfort you can feel in the two performances captured on this 3LP set. These recordings are from a performance space in his building, down the hall from his office, in the home of the record company he owns. It is akin to Elvis recording in the jungle room at Graceland; this is as close to hearing Jack White perform in his own living room that we may ever get.

Most of the older songs on Live at Third Man Records – Nashville & Cass Corridor get a raw and fiery overhaul while others get a more bluesy treatment. Fell In Love With A Girl gets both with a blues beginning that quickly picks up the speed in the middle.

Jack White’s vocals on this album sound much more mature than his younger recordings. Those years in his voice are crucial to his newer music and add even more depth to the freshened up White Stripes songs.

Two of the LPs are the recording of the Nashville set and the third LP is the recording of the Detroit set. While they are very similar, the Detroit set feels a touch more angsty, gritty, and raw.

These albums from the Third Man Records Vault can fetch high prices online, but they are worth every penny if you are a fan.

My favorite track: Lazaretto

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