Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Sex & Food


Do you ever feel that you are not fancy enough for certain music?  Do you feel like you just are not sophisticated enough to enjoy particular albums?  I have that feeling occasionally and listening to this record is definitely one of those times.


I saw Sex & Food listed on one of the subreddits I follow, /r/VinylDeals, and there were many comments on how awesome this album is and how you absolutely can not pass up buying it for only twelve dollars.  So, I added it to my cart.  I am a sucker for a good deal and I like adding albums with such rave reviews to my collection.


Sex & Food sounds like Pink Floyd and Daft Punk adopted a kid, but they already had a couple of kids of their own and the parents did not actually have enough time to honestly pay enough attention to the adopted one.  So, that kid, as a cry for attention, emulated the new adopted parents in every single way.  That kid started wearing the same style glasses as their new adopted dad and walked around the house with their hands on their hips repeating phrases from their new mom.  It is cute, but it is kind of weird, too.  There are strange strands of similarities, but this record is not really a Pink Floyd record.  And, it is not really a Daft Punk record either.

There is some funk on Sex & Food that snakes its way throughout the album and those groovy bits make you bob your head.  Other parts are trippy and psychedelic and make you feel like you are floating.  This record makes me think of department store shopping.  I could totally see myself trying on pants while listening to this album.


There are instances of 60s style, almost psychedelic, guitars that kind of rock.  But overall this album reminds me of that time Of Montreal had a song used in a commercial for Outback Steakhouse.




I do not hate this album, but I do not understand the outpouring of love and rave reviews that I read.


To each his own.


My favorite track sounds different from the majority of Sex & Food:  American Guilt



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