Anderson East – Delilah

What is sexy to you?  For me, the sexiest thing in the world is confidence.  Tight jeans on a curvy blonde is a close second…..

Can music be sexy? Absofuckinglutley.  And that is exactly the type of music that Anderson East creates; it is sexy damn music.

Anderson East’s voice is sultry, soulful, and stirring.  There is a rasp in his voice that makes me think of a Chicago blues singer in a smoky bar singing his stories from the stage to anyone who will listen.  There is pain, sadness, love, and elation in his voice.  Delilah makes me wonder if reincarnation is real because there seems to be too much emotion for just one short lifetime.


A lot of Delilah is funky as hell.  When the music is up, it is really up.  The horns jam and the almost gospel style background vocals will stir you in your seat.  The bluesy parts of this record are marvelous and harken back to a different era of music.  Delilah also has a touch of sad singer-songwriter to it.  And it gets really sad at times.  As a whole, this album is hard to categorize.  Funky grooved singer-songwriter blues doo-wop?  That will work.

This record is solid as can be.  Delilah fits for any mood and any group of people.


My favorite track: Devil In Me



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