Alien Weaponry – Tū

How many records have you purchased because of a news story? I doubt it is a big number if it is any at all. This album is the very first album I have bought as a direct result of an article.

The news story is this: Alien Weaponry is too young to get in one of the venues on their tour opening for Ministry. After reading that story, I googled them and had to order the record.

Firstly, is three teenage boys that absolutely rock. Seriously, these kids sound like seasoned rock stars. The musicianship on is top notch with heavy guitars, powerful riffs, and driving beats. The vocals are mature and unquestionably brutal with a mix of singing, chanting, and screams.

Second, the writing on this record is amazing. More than half of is written in Māori, the language of the indigenous people of New Zealand. The songs are not just written in the language, but they also tackle historical issues that faced the Māori people. The lyric sheet translates the songs and it is fascinating.

This record is wonderfully heavy and it features some traditional Māori instruments mixed into the metal. It makes for an incredible package.

Imagine Rage Against The Machine reincarnated as three teenagers from New Zealand; replace the funk grooves with industrial metal and keep all of the political angst and animosity of their native land and you’ve got Alien Weaponry.

My favorite tracks: Raupatu

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