The Interrupters – Fight the Good Fight

What genres of music are you surprised that they don’t make more of an appearance in your record collection?  For me, it is two points on the punk rock spectrum: rockabilly and ska.  I really enjoy both, but my collection is very limited in the number of albums I have from either of those punk styles.  I need to remedy this.


Fight the Good Fight is the quintessential ska punk rock sound.  This record is basically a continuation of the ska revival from my high school years in the late 1990s minus the emphasis on the horn section that Reel Big Fish and The Bosstones had.  It is upbeat and fun with a go-fuck-yourself attitude.

I really enjoy the vocals on Fight the Good Fight.  Aimee’s voice has a touch of that sexy party-girl rasp that comes from screaming drink orders over the loud music in a smoky bar every weekend.  This album sounds like NOFX, Rancid, or early Dropkick Murphys with Joan Jett on the mic.

Fight the Good Fight is not groundbreaking, it is not exceptional, and it is kind of forgettable.  But, it is good.  It is solid.  It is fun.  This is a record that you can spin one time or a million times and enjoy it from start to finish.  Fight the Good Fight can become one of those albums you reach for when you just cannot make a decision as to what you want to listen to.


My favorite track: Gave You Everything


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