Jason Isbell and The 400 Unit – Live From The Ryman

Which artists hold large amounts of real estate in your collection? Some of those artists for me are Jack White and his bands, Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, Ghost, and Jason Isbell. I can be very content with my life just by having a record from one of these artists spinning on my turntable.

There is a range of emotions in these artists with Mr. Isbell being the heart-wrenching and sadness filled end of the spectrum.

I have written about Jason Isbell many times on this blog. I love this guy. His brand of country music is a little bit of southern rock and a little bit of outlaw mixed with the modern alternative country style. The music is very accessible to pop country fans and is an excellent bridge from the top 40 country crap on the radio to the real country music being made by many artists like him. This man is also a phenomenal lyricist. He exudes emotion. And the poor guy is full of frustration and sadness.

Live From The Ryman is a beautiful example of Jason Isbell’s music. There is a passion in his voice that is captured in the wax. Many live albums struggle to truly recreate the feeling of being in the room, but this album absolutely does. Honestly, I sat in my apartment listening, enjoying, and crying. These songs hit me just right today.

Live From The Ryman is like going to church; a church where all of the worship music is sad country songs and the Lord’s supper is a cold beer and a pretzel.

My favorite track: Something More Than Free

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