American Aquarium – Things Change

While writing this blog I have been lucky enough to discover and fall in love with some bands that I might have never heard of. American Aquarium is one of those bands.

Things Change is country. It is red dirt. It is Americana music. The drums are simple, the bass line is not overpowering, and the pedal steel guitar is prominent and drives the feelings of the songs.

BJ Barham’s vocal work is interesting to me because he has the sound of a punk rock singer. There is power and rasp in his voice that would fit fronting a ska punk band, but it works amazingly well with country music.

The emotion on this album is palpable. Parts of this album are tongue-in-cheek, other parts are empowering, but most of it is sad. It is almost as though I could look up from my beer, in the solemn state this record has put me in, and touch the anguish emanating from my speakers. There is pain, despair, and gloom coursing through the veins of Things Change. Even the empowering songs feel melancholy. It is beautifully depressing.

My favorite track: When We Were Younger Men

This song hits me hard because I lost friends in the divorce. It is natural for people to pick sides and I get it, but, damn it, it sucks.

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