Tyler Childers – Purgatory

What type of music dominates your collection? As much as we all say “I love all kinds of music” it is true that we tend to fill our collections with a certain genre. Sometimes that tendency fluctuates, but it is always there.

I lean heavily towards outlaw and traditional style country music and I am fully aware of why. My affinity for the genre started because I was bullied in middle school and country music reminded me of living previously in Middle Tennessee. It was my comfort zone and that comfort has carried over into my adult life; good country music feels like home.

My first job in radio, pushing buttons for Country Gold Saturday Night, only solidified that feeling.

Purgatory is country music the way I believe it should be. It is simplistic music that is heavy on the fiddle, pedal steel, mandolin, and banjo. Most of this record is front porch pickin’ music with more than a few flares of bluegrass. The bluegrassness is amplified by the fact that the vocals are sometimes reminiscent of Ricky Scaggs.

Other parts of this album are very much 70s outlaw country with a concentration on interesting and thoughtful lyrics. Those lyrics are highlighted by Childers’ rasp and slight vibrato.

This record never really rocks out, but it does not feel like it is missing anything either. Instead, this album is full of finger-snapping and toe-tapping beats.


Purgatory is not groundbreaking, but it is fantastic. This is solid country music and every track is better than almost every single song being played on your local country music radio station.

My favorite track (probably because I’ve started dating a good Catholic girl): Purgatory

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