Slipknot – Iowa

What is the most that you have spent on a record? Do you have one that you really want but just can’t justify the money?

Up until now, the most I have spent on a record is the $60 I spend to be a member of the Third Man Records Vault. And that $60 is not just for the quarterly record because you get other perks as well.

Iowa has been a “grail” for me. I have talked myself out of buying it many times because I did not want to spend the $150+ that it usually goes for on Discogs. When the opportunity presented itself to buy this record for $90 shipped, I jumped on it.

Iowa is powerful. There is a pure and unadulterated intensity to this album that is infectious. I struggle to not jump around my apartment like a madman; I am glad that I live on the bottom level of my building and I am sure that my neighbors are thankful for that, too.

The guitars are low, heavy, and driving. The drums, due to the number of percussionists, are incredibly fast and pounding. And the vocal work is brutally fierce with a mix of growls, screams, and singing.

Iowa is heavy and fun to listen to. This is metal that dips its toe into the industrial rock sound and does it well.

The fact that I now own Iowa on vinyl makes me incredibly happy. That is what this hobby is all about.

My favorite track: Everything Ends

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