Stray Cats – Sixteen Candles

Have you ever spent an entire day record shopping?

I was in London recently and took an entire afternoon visiting different record stores; it was a fantastic way to spend a day. I was intrigued by the number of shops that were genre specific. There was one that was all jazz records; many of them were expensive and rare. One of the record stores was all dance and house music from all over the world. And, finally, I found a record store called Sounds That Swing that specializes in rockabilly music.

Rockabilly is one of those genres of music that I forget how much I love.

I could have spent a lot of money in a rockabilly record store, but I contained myself. Sixteen Candles jumped out at me because the track listing is just incredible.

  • Be-Bop-A-Lula
  • Rip It Up
  • Summertime Blues
  • Peggy Sue
  • Oh Boy
  • and more…

When I took it to the counter the man working in the shop said “I have never seen this album. Cool!”

Brian Setzer is a legend in his own right and finding this collection of classics from him was a no-brainer purchase for me.  The Stray Cats’ sound is the epitome of rockabilly and Sixteen Candles is full of their own subtle spin on some really great songs.


Sixteen Candles is just fun rock n roll.  You know most of the songs on this record and you can sing along while dancing in your living room.  This album is not made to listen to while sitting and reflecting on life; you need to shake your ass while listening to this record.


This album is interesting because it is an unofficial release.  Some of the songs are incredibly clean studio recordings that sound absolutely perfect, others on Sixteen Candles are board feed recordings from a live show, and a couple of the songs sound as if they were recorded on a handheld cassette recorder from the back of a smokey bar in Dallas.  But, as a whole, this is an exceptional addition to my collection.


My favorite track: Summertime Blues

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