Don’t Worry – Who Cares Anyway?

Have you ever bought a record simply for the album art? I suggest you try it sometime.

I am not talking about buying an iconic classic and framing it to hang on the wall over your turntable; I am talking about buying a record because the album art is so intriguing that you have to know what it sounds like. That is exactly the scenario that lead me to buy this record.

Look at this cover. Seriously. How can you not be curious?

I recently found myself in London with some alone time, so I filled an entire afternoon record shopping. I found this beautifully strange looking album at All Ages Records and I absolutely had to own it. It comes from a punk/hardcore record store, so I was thinking it would be super heavy and loud.

It is not.

Who Cares Anyway? has a deliciously 90s alternative feel. This record could easily be the soundtrack to my high school video yearbook. It is angsty and sad power pop punk.

There are similarities to Weezer, Harvey Danger, and Nada Surf. Most of this album is distorted guitars with pop melodies and lyrics that fifteen year old me would think are super deep. Who Cares Anyway? makes me very nostalgic.

I know this album is from a small band in the UK and that it probably won’t be at your local record store, but, if you love the 90s alternative sound, it is worth paying for international shipping to order it online.

My favorite track: Yeah, me

My favorite song from this record is not on YouTube, so here is one I could find

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