The Heavy – The House That Dirt Built

There is someone out there tasked with the responsibility to find music to be used in commercials.  I imagine that job is full of lots of red tape and industry bullshit.  However, that person also gets to discover lots and lots of relatively unknown music.  I am jealous.


I think I could do that job.  Minus the red tape and bullshit.


The Heavy is one of those bands you have heard on a commercial.  In fact, one of the songs on this record has been in a few different commercials.


I love that song; it is the reason that I know about this band.  But, they are so much more than just the catchy soundtrack to a Kia commercial.  I have written about The Heavy previously. 


The House That Dirt Built is difficult to categorize because the sound is all over the map.  In a good way.  This is definitely a party record.  At its core The House That Dirt Built is fun.


This album is distorted garage rock with jazzy, funky bits and soul galore.  It also has splashes of Dixieland music and hints of reggae scattered throughout.  (Yes, Dixieland music.  Pieces of this record remind me of being at Opryland USA or Six Flags Over Georgia as a kid.)



The garage rock basis makes for a nice foundation for the other sounds to be built upon.  It is like The Heavy finished their Lego set of The Stooges and then tossed out the instructions and started adding pieces on their own.  A few blocks from the Parliament Funkadelic spaceship set, a few from the Motown collection, a block with Bob Marley’s face on it, and then a bunch of random blocks that their mom put in a ziplock bag.


The House That Dirt Built is solid and fun.  You can not go wrong with this album.


My favorite track is the sad song on this record: Stuck


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