DevilDriver – Outlaws ’til the End: Vol. 1

Crossover episodes can be weird.  Bart Simpson met Jack Bauer, Alf met Gilligan and the Skipper, and why were the Harlem Globetrotters always on Scooby-Doo?

Do you ever find yourself inside of your own private crossover episode?  For instance, when your work friends meet your buddies from high school or when your ex-wife meets your new girlfriend.  It can be weird.

Outlaws ’til the End: Vol. 1 is the crossover episode of my favorite musical styles: metal and outlaw country.  I preordered this album as soon as I could because there is absolutely no way I would not love it.  I was right.  It is fantastic.

This record is beautifully heavy.  The music grooves with low-end guitars and fast double-bass drums.  It features a slow pace for most of the album; you can bang your head, but it is not overpowering.  However, there are instances where this record really jams.  It is easy to hear that DevilDriver not only enjoyed making this album, but they truly respect the music they are covering.  Outlaws ’til the End: Vol. 1 does not feel forced; it feels natural.

The country lyrics couple very nicely with the metal sounds.  It makes for a sing-a-long metal album with country heart and soul.  Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, David Allan Coe, and more are represented very well on Outlaws ’til the End: Vol. 1.

Additionally, the song selection by DevilDriver was brilliant; they chose an excellent selection of music that would make a great outlaw country mixtape for your next road trip.  On top of all of that, Outlaws ’til the End: Vol. 1 features plenty of guests.  Hank III, Randy Blythe (Lamb of God), John Carter Cash, and more make appearances on this record.

Use this record to introduce your country music loving friends to some metal.

My favorite track: A Thousand Miles From Nowhere








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