In This Moment – Black Widow

Do you get excited about music that no other person in your life gets excited about?  Are there bands and albums you love that you have to enjoy by yourself because no one else gets it?  I feel that way a lot, about many bands and about many albums; most of my friends need to expand their musical palates.


In This Moment is one of those bands for me.  There is not a single person that I am connected with that enjoys them as I do, but I certainly do not let this bar me from enjoying the music thoroughly.  You should feel the same; learn to enjoy music on your own if you do not have anybody in your life to share the appreciation with.


Black Widow is loud and heavy industrial rock with an overall feeling of darkness.  This album is the perfect soundtrack to a late-night rave in Gotham City just before Batman shows up.

The low-end guitars are polished yet gritty and sound like traditional heavy metal, while the drums are pounding and loud.  However, there is an electronic dance vibe that emanates throughout Black Widow along with a slight hint of hip-hop style rhymes.  This record blurs the lines between genres and Maria Brink’s vocal work adds to that blurriness.

Maria Brink’s voice is unmatched.  She can scream, growl, bring it down to a sexy whisper, and then sing in a beautiful angelic voice.  Black Widow gives her a chance to show off her entire vocal range.

The ebb and flow of this album is really nice.  It does not stay too heavy for too long without bringing you down and giving you a break.  But, I do not like how it ends.  It made me feel awful and sad and mad and icky.  This record ends with a creepy track of sexual abuse and manipulation followed by a song that is pretty much a spoken word poem about a couple of kids and how life has absolutely shit on them.  End this record early.


I do enjoy the photo inside the gatefold.


My favorite track: Bones





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  1. Om says:

    I agree about the last two tracks on the album. I always take off the record before them


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