The Lone Bellow – Live At Grimey’s

Do you find yourself being consistently drawn to a particular style of music? Maybe it is a specific emotion that calls to you. Maybe, it is both.

For me, at this point in my life, I cannot get my fill of depressing country music.

Live at Grimey’s is just the type of sound that speaks to my soul.  I have written about The Lone Bellow on my blog in the past here and here.  Fully produced and polished records from this band can be hard to categorize, but this is a stripped down live performance recording from a small space and it can be summed up succinctly: sad.

Unlike their other albums that walk the line between country and alternative, Live at Grimey’s is pure country folk music.  The rawness of this recording allows for the vocals from The Lone Bellow to stand out and stand tall.  Their voices ring out loud with powerful emotions and that slight echo provided by the small record store in Nashville.  The strings and piano take a backseat to the harmony and it is painfully beautiful.



The four songs on this EP are heartbreaking.  This record drips with emotion and the sadness is real.  Part of me wants to tell you to stay away from this little record when you are down, but the part of me that actually teared up during Deadpool 2 (spoiler warning) when Vanessa died is the same part of me that says that Live at Grimey’s is perfect for when you are down.  Put this record on the turntable and have yourself a good cry.


This EP makes a nice addition to your heartbreak record rotation.


My favorite track: May You Be Well


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