Buffalo Clover – Low Down Time

Do you perk up when an artist you like and appreciate mentions music that you are unaware of? Sometimes you will see them make mentions in interviews and sometimes, like what happened with this album, they will mention it onstage.

I saw Margo Price at Variety Playhouse here Atlanta not too long ago. She was fantastic as she always is, but she mentioned a band that I had never heard of. Margo was introducing a song and said this is a song that I used to play with my old band, Buffalo Clover. I almost dropped my beer because I had no idea that she was in a band that had released albums. Some diligent Googling led me to the small record label that still sells copies of one of their albums.

I have written about Margo Price many times on my blog. I love her. I love her voice and I love her attitude. She seems to have come from a different time and is bringing back a brand of country music that has been lost for a while. However, this record is not a Margo Price record.

The songs on Low Down Time are mostly written by Margo and her husband, so the songs have the same feel as on her later albums. But, the music is not as country as those later albums.

Low Down Time is an amalgamation of soulful sounds à la 1960s Stax Records and country music styles born and bred in the East Tennessee hills.  There are leg shaking organs and jamming horns that make you want to move your body coupled with heartbreaking lyrics that may very well bring up that lump in your throat.  Low Down Time is country blues music.

The sound on this record is far from stripped down and raw; instead, the sound is big and full.  The piano, organ, and horns add to the big sound along with the abundance of background vocals and echo effects.

This album is solid and unintrusive.  It is the type of record you can put on and enjoy start to finish without it asking too much of you.  Do you want something to put on the turntable while you grill out?  Do you want something to listen to while you mingle at a party?  Do you want something that you can enjoy alone?  Low Down Time is the answer.



My favorite track: Seek Me Out


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