Kiefer Sutherland – Down In A Hole

When was the last time you felt like the weight of the world was pressing down upon you? Your problems do not have to seem big to the rest of the population for them to overload your emotions and pull you down into a bad spot.

When you find yourself under this heavy stress and on the brink of tears you can choose a record that lifts your spirits and makes you forget about your troubles or you can choose a record like this one.

As I am writing this blog I sit in my apartment thinking about my day tomorrow because tomorrow is the day that I will sign my divorce settlement and my fifteen-year marriage will come to an end. To say that I am sad is an understatement. Down in a Hole is the exact type of record that I need on nights like this one.

The music is country, but not Top 40 bullshit radio country music. Instead, it is outlaw heartbreak country. There is a soul on Down in a Hole that is not present in much of the modern country music that is played on the radio. However, unlike most outlaw records, this album never really rocks out. When the pace picks up on this record it leans more to the Americana side of country music and only goes full-boar rock n roll once.

Down in a Hole carries a sadness throughout the record. Even the few songs that are bouncier and more upbeat have an air of despair to them.

Yes, it is Kiefer Sutherland. Yes, he is an actor. Yes, he can sing. You know how he has that awesome narrator voice? That baritone and gravel find their way into his singing voice and it sounds great. There is a little bit of Tom Petty, a dash of Bryan Adams, and a pinch of Tom Waits all mixed into the Kieferness.

Add Down in a Hole to your rotation of sad records that make you want to drown your sorrows in alcohol while you sit alone in your apartment with only one lamp on and talking to your pet turtle. Or maybe that’s just me.

My favorite track: Calling Out Your Name

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