Ghost – Prequelle

Let me take a moment to be completely honest…

I freaking love Ghost.  I love this damn evil band.  I love going to the shows and yelling out Hail Satan and feeling the rush of wrongness and hearing echoes of my Sunday School teachers filling my Southern Baptist-raised mind.

This record is not like the other Ghost albums in my collection.  Those records are filled with evil metal church music.  Those albums are not black metal or screamo metal like the aura of the band suggests, but instead, they are Alice Cooper-esque metal.  Prequelle does not have the same sound.

This record sounds like ABBA got way into Salman Rushdie, tattooed pentagrams on their arms, and decided to write an album praising the beast with many names.  This is not a metal album; Prequelle is an evil rock-pop record.  There are flares of 80s dance music percolating throughout this album that are pretty damn awesome.

Prequelle is similar to when KISS went disco.  It is very glam-rock.  There is a lot of keyboard work, plenty of singable lyrics, and even a Clarence Clemons style saxophone solo.  Now, don’t get me wrong, the content of this album is pretty dark.  Apparently, it is written from the viewpoint of someone that is living through the Black Plague and that makes for some pretty intense themes.  Ghost takes the opportunity a few times on this record to remind you that this band started out much heavier and much darker than Prequelle suggests.  But, it is only a few instances.

Buy this album and play it for everyone you know.  Don’t show them pictures of the band, don’t give them a backstory, and don’t let them Google the album.  Just play the music for them.  Prequelle has an incredibly wide appeal.


My favorite track: Pro Memoria


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