Black Stone Cherry – Family Tree

Do you ever find yourself becoming an unofficial ambassador for a band? You love this band so much that you feel that you have to share them with anyone and everyone?

Hi! My name is Jeremy and I am here to preach the good word about Black Stone Cherry.

Who? Exactly.

Black Stone Cherry is the best Southern rock band you have never heard of……unless you live in the UK where they are freaking huge. The fact that this band is not bigger here in the States irritates the crap out of me. They are good old-fashioned American rock n roll through and through and deserve to be big stars.



Damn it.

Family Tree is Southern rock, but not a rehash of the 70s. This is not a Lynyrd Skynyrd sound-a-like. This is not a knock-off Marshall Tucker Band. This is not some second-rate Allman Brothers Band. This record sounds like a perfect evolution of the classic Southern rock sound.

Much like the Southern rock you know from the 70s, this album is rooted in the blues. However, Family Tree pushes those roots to a much heavier end. There are pianos, organs, and choir-like female backup vocals, but there are also low-end guitars and heavy bass.

In a way, this record is the harder side of country music. Sing-a-long lyrics and natural twang in the vocals lend to this feeling.

Family Tree is a backroad driving, horseshoe pitching, beer-drinking record. This is not an album for your intellectual cocktail party; this is an album for a barbecue.

My favorite track: James Brown

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