Anderson East – Encore

Do you fall asleep while listening to music?

I can’t do that. My brain latches on and I end up singing along in my head. That is the very same reason I don’t play music when I am having sex; I just end up singing along and not doing what I am in the bed to do.

Well, I might have to change my thinking because Encore is love-making music.

This record is sultry, soulful, and sexy. Anderson’s vocals are what you would expect from a mature Motown singer or a blues singer beaten down by life. He has loads of soul and celebration along with massive amounts of heartache and pain in his voice.

He is part Tina Turner rolling on the river with Proud Mary, part Elvis getting funky at Stax, and part Gregg Allman on the keys.

Encore oozes soul.

This record’s funk groove and bluesy soul absolutely jams. You will find yourself bobbing your head, tapping your feet, and making sweet, sweet love. The horns, organs, and choir-like background vocals on Encore make this album feel like worship music meant to be played at the alter of adornment in the church of fornication.

Buy this album. Seriously.

My favorite track: House Is A Building

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