Sara Watkins – Sun Midnight Sun

Have you taken the opportunity to blindly buy an album yet? It is fun to discover something new. I picked up this album because I have heard one of Sara’s newer songs (Young In All The Wrong Ways) and enjoyed it. It wasn’t until I got this record home and searched her name that I learned Sara is one of the members of Nickel Creek and toured with The Decemberists.





Sun Midnight Sun blurs the line between the hipster bluegrass you hear on that small stage at the artisan farmer’s market while buying homemade organic ethically grown non-GMO gluten-free shampoo bars and the simple pickin’ you find on the porches in the hills of East Tennessee. The resulting sound is unique yet comfortable and familiar.

It is folk music without being too folk-y; it is country without being too country-y; it is bluegrass without being too blue-y. Some people call this sound progressive bluegrass and others call it Americana(one of those terms I think people just slap on music that is hard to categorize).

This record is not overpowering with its inherent hipster-ness. It will not make you feel like less of a person because you don’t have a beard.

This album is relaxing. Sun Midnight Sun is a record you put on when you just want to ease into an evening. Spin this while sipping sweet tea on the porch. Or, even better, get some of the sweet tea flavored vodka and mix it with lemonade. You can thank me later.

My favorite track: When It Pleases You

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