Steve Earle & The Dukes – Terraplane

How many times do you find yourself realizing that you are aware of an artist’s status in the music world, but you have never heard their music? This seems to happen to me often. However, I am making it my mission in life to seek out those artists and to discover why they are so well known and revered.

I recognize Steve Earle’s name, but I have only ever heard Copperhead Road. I know that he has been around a long time, is incredibly well respected, and that he is a musician’s musician.

Then, I saw this headline and I fell in love with the man:

Terraplane is a Texas blues album that runs the gamut of country sounds. Part of this record really jams and walks the same line of country boogie blues rock that ZZ Top does. This part of Terraplane is country music that rocks.

The other part of this record is Western swing. It truly feels like it is from another time. There is an old country jazz feel that sounds like some of the music I used to hear in certain parts of Opryland USA when I was a kid.

Terraplane is the kind of record you put on the turntable to impress people in the know or in the music industry.

My favorite track: King of the Blues

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