The Lone Bellow – Walk Into A Storm

How many records do you own that are difficult to categorize? George Strait album? Country. Slayer album? Metal. Michael Jackson album? Pop/R&B. The Lone Bellow album? Umm…..


Walk into a Storm is difficult to pin down. It is not country, but it kind of is. It is not alternative, but it kind of is. This record is on the modern alternative side of red dirt country and Americana. It has flares of singer-songwriter simplicity and the lo-fi sound of indie rock packaged inside a full and highly polished production. Listen closely and you will hear a strings section, too.

The dual male and female vocals almost make Walk into a Storm feel like Fleetwood Mac night at your favorite hipster music festival.

This record sounds like the type of music that people from Wyoming or Colorado would listen to. I have absolutely zero to base that opinion on, but I stand by it.

My favorite track: Come Break My Heart Again

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