Ghost – Ceremony and Devotion

Are you a fanboy of any particular artist? I will admit that I am. Jack White, Jason Isbell, and Butch Walker can all do no wrong in my eyes. Ghost is on that list as well.

I fell in love with this damn evil band because of this blog and that love affair has only gotten stronger. I have seen them in concert a few times and was very happy when they announced this live album.

Ceremony and Devotion accurately captures the energy and over-the-topness of a Ghost show. It is like an evil church service with an overtly charismatic anti-Pope that likes to talk about sex. This record demonstrates just how buttoned up a Ghost live show is; they are highly produced, polished, and audience engaging.

Ceremony and Devotion is Satan-themed metal, but not crazy heavy metal. Instead, it is 70s Alice Cooper style evil stadium rock and metal. It has piercing guitar work, keyboards, pounding drums, and sing-a-long style lyrics.

This record is made to play loud. Sing out “Hail Satan!” and frighten your neighbors.

My favorite track(s): Con Clavi Con Dio/Per Aspera Ad Inferi

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