Ray Stevens – Shriner’s Convention

Do you have any albums in those album frames? I had a bunch in frames, but when I moved to a new apartment I decided that I needed fewer things hanging on my wall.

I bought Shriner’s Convention a couple of years ago, put it in one of those frames because I love the artwork, and kind of forgot about it.

Even though I have known the title track my entire life, I honestly had never listened to this entire album.

Ray Stevens is a comedy musician most closely associated with country music and is known for his elaborate story songs. Holy shit I have laughed out loud.

The songs on Shriner’s Convention are stupid and ridiculous and sound distinctly like 80s pop country; parts of Shriner’s Convention sound like a non-tropical Jimmy Buffett.

Stevens’ voice is fantastic when he actually sings, but most of this record is speak-singing and I am convinced that he is a damn genius.

My favorite track is the title track because it is one of the most quotable songs/stories I have ever heard.

But, there is another song that is worth mentioning, too: The Watch Song

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