Alestorm – Captain Morgan’s Revenge

Do you pride yourself in having a diverse record collection? Do you enjoy owning music that your friends don’t own?

Two words: Pirate. Metal.

Alestorm is one of the most randomly awesome bands that I have ever discovered. I know that they have fans all over the world, but they are new to me and I am sure they are new to you.

They are pirate metal. Seriously. Alestorm sings modern sea chanty songs with speed guitars, but also a folk rock edge. The keyboards and penny whistle are what make the sound feel old and traditional at its core.

Captain Morgan’s Revenge is an album of stories. This record honestly feels like a group of Disney-style pirates learned to play rock guitars and write songs about their sailings on the salty seas. The majority of this album is hard and fast, but it also has a sing-a-long-ability to it. They are honestly modern sea chanties and they jam.

Captains Morgan’s Revenge has fast double bass kick drums, heavy low end guitar solos, and classic metal tapping. It is a fun listen because this record clearly does not take itself too seriously.

This record rocks. Grab a pint and spin this album loud.

My favorite track: The Huntmaster

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