Roy Orbison with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra – A Love So Beautiful

Do you know someone that touches up every single photo they post online? No matter how many times you tell them that they look great and you think they are overthinking it, they have to edit every single photo just to post it on Facebook. I wish they could see that, even though the photos look a little better, those edits are unnecessary.

I have similar feelings to the Royal Philharmonic albums that have been released lately.

The Roy Orbison songs that make up A Love So Beautiful could have been remastered from the original recordings and released on vinyl and I would have been happy. The original songs are amazing and important to the history of rock n roll. Roy’s vocal range and sweet operatic melodies stand alone, but someone felt the need to add in orchestral accompaniments.

Most of this album is Roy’s phenomenal ballads; he is quite possibly the greatest rock n roll ballad singer in history and the Royal Philharmonic fills out the music to the nth degree. There is a depth and fullness to this record that is absolutely stunning. The times when A Love So Beautiful features Roy’s voice backed only by a string section are chilling.

This record is interesting to me because it makes me wonder if this would have been the evolution of Roy Orbison’s music. I would argue that, as one of the pioneers of rock n roll, that Roy would have had a renaissance the same way that Johnny Cash did and it would not have sounded like his old music matched with an orchestra. But, we will never know.

What I do know is that this record is extremely well done. The Royal Philharmonic is not overpowering; Roy Orbison is the star of this album even while being backed by such an amazing group of musicians.

My favorite track: Running Scared

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