Jack Johnson – From Here to Now to You

You know that sense of peace and euphoria you get when you wake up early while on vacation at the beach to have a cup of tea while watching the waves crash? Do you wish that you could bring that feeling home? Buy a Jack Johnson album.

From Here to Now to You sounds like every other Jack Johnson album. I wish that did not sound like a put down because I honestly do not mean it that way. Jack Johnson makes chill beach-y hippie music and he is absolutely amazing at it. He is the master of the acoustic singer-songwriter on the beach sound. This record is another in a long line of soundtracks to your tropical vacation.

This record has a bouncy groove running through it that allows you to bob your head as you sip your drink and put on more sunscreen. The music is never intrusive and never overpowering. You can sing along with the lyrics or you can just let them flow over you like the waves in the ocean. Even the more upbeat songs are still pretty chill.

Bring that beach feeling home to your listening room.

My favorite track: Never Fade

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