Gojira – Magma

You have a local record store or a few local stores that you like to support, right? And screw those big box companies that are undercutting local stores on vinyl prices, right?


It is pretty hard to resist a new metal album for less than twelve bucks. So, if you do not mind being one of the sheeple blindly supporting corporate America on occasion, check out vinylalerts.com

Magma is dark. Magma is heavy. Magma is precise and deliberate. This record is full of low-end guitars, heavy riffs, powerful basslines, and vocals that walk the line between singing and chanting. This is not an album of sing-a-longs; it is prog-rock.

For the most part, Magma is at a slow pace. The music is calculated unhurried, heavy metal meditation music. However, there are a couple of instances when Gojira shows off their speed and screaming abilities and this record absolutely blazes.

Magma sounds as if Pink Floyd was in high school in the 90s and became friends with the grunge kid whose metalhead cousin’s band practiced in the basement.

My favorite track: The Cell

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