Reema – The LowSwing Sessions

Did you know that you can send me an email?

I got an email a few weeks ago that basically said Can I send you an album for you to review?

My response: Well, yeah.



I assume that they know that I am not always nice, but I am always honest.

The LowSwing Sessions showed up at my house a few days ago. I have never heard of this record or of Reema, but not knowing the artist has never stopped me from enjoying new music. This record is a six song EP and it has a haunting darkness that immediately draws you in. There is a prevailing sadness that hangs over this record that truly sings to my heart.

First, the vocals sound like Annie Lennox and Dido made a baby who loves Adele’s first album, 19. Reema is apparently sold as a folk artist, but I do not hear her as being overly folk sounding. Instead, she is more of quiet coffee house on a packed Saturday night featuring that one local girl who sounds almost angelic as she sings the terrible pain that is in her heart. Reema needs a hug to let her know that everything is going to be just fine.

The songs on this record that feature just vocals and an acoustic guitar are heart wrenchingly beautiful, but most of The LowSwing Sessions is filled with post-modern jazz style arrangements that communicate their own feelings of desolation. The music behind the vocals builds tension and anxiety, but never truly peaks. It adds a layer of despair to this record.

Are you going through some sort of shit? This is your soundtrack.

My favorite track: Four Letter Words

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