Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band – Front Porch Sessions

Do you ever blindly buy tickets for live music?

Story time: I had to report to jury duty in downtown Atlanta a few weeks ago. After being chosen to report to a courtroom and going through part of the jury selection process, I found myself with two hours to kill. So, I walked over to The Masquerade to take a look at the upcoming shows and pick up some tickets.

I got myself a ticket for All That Remains and then the poster for Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band caught my eye. I had never heard of them, but they looked fun and interesting.

Excellent decision on my part. Their live show is crazy good.

I grabbed Front Porch Sessions from the merch table and could not be more satisfied with the purchase. I love the sound of this record. It has a homespun familiarity about it that makes me feel as though I have known this band my entire life, but a uniqueness that is unlike anything I have ever owned on vinyl.

This is not a country album. This is not a rock album. This is not a blues album. Yet, it is all of those things. This is rock n roll as if it had evolved in the hollers of West Virginia.

Appalachian alternative music.

To say that Reverend Peyton is a great guitar player would be a disservice to the man and his talent. The old steel body and resonator guitars played with a slide give this album the feeling of a bygone era and when that is coupled with a washboard, a suitcase for a kickdrum, and The Reverend’s baritone vibrato it produces a country blues sound that is unmatched.

Buy this record.

My favorite track: Shakey Shirley

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